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Financing for cosmetic and health surgeries services

Enjoy 0% promotional APR and 0 payments for:

$1000.00 to $2999 6 months without interest
$3000.00 to $ 4999 12 months without interest
$5000.00 in advance 18 months without interest

for purchases made with your Popular credit card. Offer valid until May 17, 2018. Upon expiration of the offer, the current rate of your account will apply, from 12.74% APR to 26.74% APR. This APR can change based on the preferential rate. 1

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1 Subject to availability in your line of credit. Certain restrictions apply. This offer does not apply with other offers. Offer does not apply to cash advances, purchases of goods outside the period of the offer, or the balance owed. Offer must be requested at the time of purchase. This offer is valid only for purchases made with your Visa, Mastercard and / or American Express® credit card of Banco Popular in the XX trade. Offer does not apply to Corporate, Business cards or charge cards. Banco Popular is not the supplier or seller of these products. No minimum payment is required during the XX month period of the offer for purchases made under it, but payments may be made to the accumulated balance under the offer during said period.

CareCredit works like a credit card with exclusive use for cosmetic and health surgery services. It offers low interest financing for any of our plastic surgery procedures.

You can also use your card for follow-up appointments.
The advantages of financing through CareCredit include:

– No up-front costs
– Low and fixed interest rates
– No annual fees
– Convenient monthly payments
– Extended payment plans