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There are many alternatives available out there for people whose eyebrows have lost their fullness, for reasons ranging from the aging process, hair loss, excessive tweezing among others. For those who have lost the natural, full appearance of their eyebrows, automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with NeoGraft provides the easiest and best surgical method for fast and simple eyebrow restoration. This is a method that ensures less down time and requires no healing, no sutures and leaves no scars.  FUE works using single hair grafts or hair follicles from the lateral part of the occipital region of your scalp, focused on the hair near the nape of the neck, because it’s the area that contains the greatest number of single-hair follicular units with a diameter similar to that of the eyebrow



Eyebrow Design


No two eyebrows were created alike. Women and men have distinguishing differences in their eyebrow. Proper angulation of the hair follicle is the most important feature of any eyebrow transplant. This procedure, done by hands of trained experts ensures a more natural result forming a slight ridge and resembling the pattern of a feather.



What can you expect after NeoGraft Eyebrow Restoration?


After completion of your NeoGraft Eyebrow Restoration process your eyebrows will look more dense and full. You will feel almost no discomfort and can easily return to work the next day. In the weeks following your procedure, the transplanted hairs will gradually shed. This is a perfectly normal part of the recovery process. During that time, the newly transplanted follicles will begin to generate new hair and within a few months you will see new growth.


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