Baldness does not discriminate on the basis of gender.


Baldness does not discriminate on the basis of gender.  Women make up a whopping 40% of hair loss sufferers.  Recent studies show that women make up a third of all hair transplant patients.

One leading cause is a hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia. While many women experience this type of hair thinning with age, the truth is that it can happen at any time. And causes aren’t limited either, medical conditions, stress and even weight loss can be triggers for hair loss as well.  So can pregnancy and thyroid disorders.


You are not alone


According to the American Association of Dermatologist (AAD) hair loss for women is common. Hereditary hair loss affects 30 million American women and women make up nearly half of hair loss sufferers.  But how do you know if your hair loss is normal?  The average person, female or male, loses 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you suspect you are losing more than the average, It is important to seek medical attention for guidance and diagnosis. Fortunately, options for women who suffer from hair loss have also increased.

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